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A unique conversation between contemporary artist Mahaveer Swami, who is one of the finest traditional artists from a family of traditional Bikaner painters, and Edward Wilkinson, a specialist in Indian, Himalayan, and South-east Asian Art. The discussion will bring to life the ancient and contemporary symbolisms and representations of the timeless epic Ramayana in miniature paintings.


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Rishi Kapoor is one of India’s most popular film stars, who, over the years, has matured like fine wine into a powerful and gritty performer. All through the 1970s and 80s, Kapoor carved a niche for himself as mellifluous romantic hero in a series of hits Over the last last decade, he has delivered some… Read more »


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Mahesh Dattani is one of India’s foremost theatre personalities. Although Mahesh is multi-talented and involved in every aspect of theatre – acting, directing and writing — it is in writing that he has found his true calling. He is the only English playwright to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award. His plays address social issues… Read more »


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Laila Tyabji, daughter of the illustrious and erudite late Indian diplomat and freedom fighter, Badruddin Tyabji, is a leading Indian social activist, designer, writer, and craft activist. She is one of the founders of Dastkar, a private not-for-profit NGO established in 1981, working to support traditional Indian craftspeople, many of them women and village-based, with the objective… Read more »

Bollywood Dance Workshop

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Trained in France in folk, modern jazz, ballet and contemporary dance styles, Gilles Chuyen has been working in India since 1994 with various dance forms such as Chhau Mayurbhanj, Kathak and Bharatnatyam. He has been teaching Bollywood dance styles extensively in India, the UK and South Africa.


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Dr. L. Subramaniam, one of the foremost Indian composers in orchestral composition, is armed with a Master’s degree in Western classical composition and rooted in Indian classical music. He has set about to create a new style of orchestral writing, and indeed a new genre. Since his first composition in 1983, Dr. Subramaniam has written… Read more »


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Aditi Mangaldas is a leading dancer and choreographer in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. With extensive training under leading gurus Shrimati Kumudini Lakhia and Pandit Birju Maharaj, Aditi is today recognised for her artistry, technique, eloquence and characteristic energy that mark every performance of hers. Besides dancing and choreographing classical productions (which represent a… Read more »


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Manju Malhi was raised in north-west London where she grew up surrounded by Indian culture, traditions and lifestyles. Belonging to a non-conformist Asian family with sub-continental parents who moved to England in the late sixties, she sought solace in cooking which she learnt from her mother. She spent several years of her childhood in India… Read more »